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Dreaming Wide Awake - January 2023 Blog


The New Year is here, some of us have stayed true to our resolutions, others forgot they even existed. And you know what..both are totally valid. In an age where life seemingly never stops, it can be hard to keep up with all that is going on.

But luckily for us, we can dare to dream any day. Dreams are not just some mythical fantasies that only comes about in our sleep. With each new day we hit the reset button, the sun rises, and we have the opportunity to take claim of our actions and use those actions to set forth our dreams.

Our Dreams Are Coming True

In fact, our organization is living breathing proof that dreams do come true. Bobbie dared to dream over 20 years ago to have a business which eventually led to Jamsz Konnections being born 7.5 years ago and look where we are now! Well, of course maybe you are new here and you’re not sure where we are now, so let me give a quick update.

On January 21st, we held the Power of Your Dreams event which is part of our POWER Speaker Engagement Event series ™. This event was a testament to not only our impact, but the growth of our organization. The energy in the room was electric. We were all getting inspired to accomplish our dreams. I mean even the speakers were being motivated and energized by other speakers…in the wise words of our speaker Reggie Rusk “We are in a room full of leaders so powerful, you feel like you can sit back and be led.”

That kind of impact is exactly what proves our dream and our mission of spreading social good, has in fact come true. We were able to bring together such powerful speakers and an engaged audience, that everyone left with something.

Precious L. Williams taught us that once you have chosen yourself first, you have the power to expand your dreams. Her excitement and passion for all that she does, and all that she is, left us feeling powerful.

Jen Shultz followed up with a raw and authentic story of the struggles that come with making your dreams come true. She reminded us that realizing our purpose, place, and calling is only half the battle. We have to find a way to stay optimistic, and in the wise words of Michelle Obama “Optimism is staying connected to a force much greater than ourselves”; that the voice inside our head can guide us to true success but first we must listen.

Reggie Rusk, then elaborated on the fact that even when we listen to that voice, and dedicate ourselves to our own personal mission, we must also take time to enjoy the ride. He recognized the disadvantages in his life, and then set out on a mission to make those his advantages, and finally make sure those around him didn’t go through the hardships he did.

Our featured speaker, Kellie Sauls ended our event with true words of wisdom. She defined dreams as our emerging conscious ambition. She reiterated what I said before, dreams are not some fantasy, they are who we are, and what we want. She let us know that we are THE DREAM!!! All we have to do is stop wishing and start being.

I mean wow, this is some powerful stuff. And what I told you about is simply a snippet, a brief summary of what I took away. I am not even exaggerating when I say I left with pages of notes and bits of wisdom I took from each and every speaker.

So yes, the dream of the impact Jamsz Konnections can make has coincided with our reality, and each day we continue to grow and dream even bigger.


Don’t Worry Your Dreams Are Right on Time

Now you might be thinking, well great for y’all, you made your dreams a reality, what does that have to do with me?

I’ll be blunt, it has everything to do with you. Who we are as an organization did not just happen overnight. It took hours of hard work, countless instances of being told no, and just plain tenacity.

When I say it has everything to do with you, I mean use our story to understand dreams are so entirely plausible, even the ones you think are out of reach.

Maybe this first month in the year, you lost sight of that. New Year’s resolutions might have faded, making you feel like you are just stuck. I am here to tell you, you are not. We do not live in a fairytale, and many of us will have to fail quite a few times before we succeed.

But your dreams are right on schedule, everything you experience and go through is setting you up and shaping you into the person who makes their dreams come true.

So, trust in yourself and your experiences, and let that guide you to the path of success.

Double Trouble…Let’s Dream Together!

We know you are so capable; you are the dream. And just the same, we know we are so capable, and we are the dream. Now imagine the power we have together.

Working and connecting together (yes because that is what we are all about, “Konnections”). We can help each other achieve amazing things.


So, I will leave you with a call to action (shout to Precious Williams for reminding us of the importance of these hehe) . We aim to uplift all those in our community, but that also means we need your help. Whether you can donate your time or money, explore our website and see how you can help. Together, we are unstoppable.

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