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The Foundation - May 2023 Blog



The end of May is fast approaching. Students are getting ready for summer. Recent graduates are looking for new beginnings. Teachers and parents alike are wondering what the next school year will hold. Summer is almost here, and that means changes for everyone. 


So how do we make these next decisions, what guides us through the changes of life? The foundation we have built for ourselves. 


Over the course of everyone's life we have met people and gone on adventures that have built our foundation of self. As the saying goes, at the end of the day we only have ourselves to rely on. Making sure we concentrate on building a strong and sturdy foundation makes that statement a little less daunting and helps life go a little smoother.


Just like a building, if you do not set a good foundation everything else seems to crumble. So put on your hard hats and grab your hammer, because today we will talk about how to create a foundation..a foundation of self that is. 


How to Build It?

It might seem a bit perplexing that this whole blog is set around the theme of building something that is not actually physical and is entirely conceptual. But as with life, some of our greatest challenges and successes are not seen but rather felt. So let’s talk about how you are building and have built your personal foundation. 

We all have experienced a variety of adventures, both good and bad, that life has to offer.



Most of the time, we are asked to make decisions that guide those adventures. Like I said earlier, it comes down to us. 


But, along with those adventures we have met and interacted with fellow travelers. Your family, your friends, your mentors, you name it; we all have people in our lives. The connections we make on our adventures help guide us to our end destinations, or rather decisions. 


Ok, that's a lot of analogies and theoretical talk, so let me provide an example to help you understand exactly what I mean. Let’s say you are looking for a new place to live. You are stuck between two perfect places. You aren't sure what to do, so you call your friends and families to get their opinion. They point out that one of the places is closer to your favorite coffee shop. You think that's a really good point, and decide to go with that choice. 


At the end of the day, the decision was yours, but the connections you have made helped guide that decision. Alright, I think I've gotten my point across, let's keep going.


How to Maintain it?



The thing about our foundations is it is not just a one and done deal. You don't just meet a couple of people and learn a couple of things and call it a day. It requires continual maintenance, after all, it needs to grow with us to adequately serve us. You wouldn't see a mansion (well a structurally sound one), with the foundation built for a shack. 


So we keep living, we keep learning, meeting new people, and making decisions even if we do not always get it right. 


With this effort and maintenance, our foundation grows with us. So, when you get to the end of the day, you're not worried that you have to rely on yourself. Instead, you're empowered because you know you can do it, and the foundation you have built can hold you. 


Foundation, it matters. 

We now know why a good personal foundation is important, why we should maintain it and how. Now, let me offer a recommendation on how we can do this together. I mean after all, we are all fellow travelers, and by simply reading this blog we now hold a small role in each other's foundations. 


Jamsz Konnections is all about connecting, I mean it is literally in our name. We hold events that give you the opportunity to meet new people from all sorts of diverse backgrounds. By attending even one event you are maintaining your foundation as you meet these new people. 

We also are currently gearing up for a June 3rd in person event that is all about wellness.



What better maintenance than meeting and interacting with people just as passionate about their foundation and their wellness! 


This is such an exciting opportunity, and we hope you will take us up on this offer. Help us help you, and become a little more sure of yourself through it all.

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