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It is important to find whole health in our lives. As you navigate through times of a pandemic and concerns for where to go for your overall health and wellness, Jamsz Konnections wanted to bring some options to you to help you with your overall health and wellness

Come to join us at whatever level you are at. This is a safe space and we offer support to your wellness journey.

Your membership gives you access to instructors in the field of health and wellness through: Yoga, Meditation, Stretching, Dance Fitness, Nutritional and Financial tips along with some occasional challenges.

NOTE:  If you are someone who works as a Frontline or Essential worker, contact us for a SPECIAL OFFER

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Meet the Instructors

  • Video: Bobbie James

    Bobbie James

    Founder/Executive Director

    Jamsz Konnections' founder and executive director, Bobbie is a 2012 graduate of the Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership & Management program through ACC Center for Nonprofit Studies in partnership with the ...

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  • Video: Gary Walker

    Gary Walker

    TeamFX Austin Coach

    THE TEAM FX COMMUNITY – Gary created Team FX community to be an example of the challenges and rewards that can be achieved when we liberate the highest potential of ...

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  • Video: Renae Molden

    Renae Molden

    Kaiut Yoga Austin

    Renae Molden, Owner and Principal Teacher, discovered Kaiut Yoga accidentally in 2017 while on a trip to Telluride, Colorado with her family. It was the perfect time for her to ...

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