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Life..There’s A Lot To It!

October is such an exciting month, the weather is getting cooler, holidays are around the corner, and there’s just an unexplainable energy in the air (or maybe that’s just the chill).

Last month you got to know a bit more about the story behind our organizations and its fantastic name. So, this month we want you to get cozy, turn the heater on and light a fall candle, because we are going to talk about the importance and absolute power that each individual’s story has!

While we have been getting geared up for our Let’s Kick Cancer event, we have gotten to read some amazing stories (and I mean truly incredible stories) from individuals who have fought or are currently fighting the battle against cancer.

It made us think about all the incredible stories each individual has from their own unique life experiences. Every human being on this planet knows that life is an absolutely wild ride. One minute you’re driving to work, and the next minute you realize you forgot to lock the door so you’re driving back home.

Needless to say, there are many twists and turns and unexpected challenges and triumphs we face on a weekly, and probably even daily basis. But it’s these same experiences that help shape and mold the people we are today! And of course, we also get some pretty amazing stories out of it sometimes!

The Past, Present, and Future Collide

A particular type of story we like to focus on is origin stories. What has happened in our past and even in our present, help us decide what we want the future to look like.

Yes, I agree, it sounds a bit like someone telling you that from all these trials and tribulations something good can appear. It almost makes you want to roll your eyes, as you hear the same played out advice, but hang on, we are getting somewhere!

In fact, I will give you an example. Bobbie James, our very own founder, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. A situation with seemingly no good in it at all, but she took her experiences and used it to motivate her to take the next step towards her dream of starting the organization we know and love today.

If you’ve visited our website or know a bit about us, you might’ve seen this story before. But truth be told, it is such an incredible and spot-on example for what we are talking about today, we had to use it again.

Now, for anyone skimming through or just glancing at this blog. It is time for a KEY takeaway. Our past and our present stories can help us realize and act on the dreams of our future!

Dreams..They do Come True, but First You Have to Realize Them

It’s hard to work towards a goal you might not have even realized yet. By hard, I mean impossible.

So, step one: Realize your dreams. Yes, it is only three words, but it is a very daunting three words. But now is not the time to get scared or nervous, because believe it or not you already have the answer inside of you.

We can realize our dreams by taking time to think about our past stories. What are some of your triumphs, failures, strengths, and weaknesses? Take a couple of minutes to sit back and think about the answers to this question.

Now think about how to play into your unique strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you are really good at art but are too scared of what people think to put anything in a gallery. Well, now you have identified something you’re good at, and something hindering you from pursuing that passion. So, guess what, you might have realized you have a dream to conquer your fears and share your art with the public.

Step Two: Act Now. There is no time like the present. We only have one life to live so it seems to me to be a good idea to live it exactly how you want. After you realize your dreams, you can start setting goals to make it a reality. Whether you decide to take a big leap of faith, or start small and take it step by step, just do it!

Step Three: Share Your Story. Guess what? Once you realize your dreams you now have your very own origin story. Congratulations, you have another story to add to your list of life experiences. Now, we need to spread the word. Like I said earlier, your story is POWERFUL! So, it makes sense that it has the power to inspire others to find theirs. Take a note from Bobbie and if you feel called, use what you have learned to motivate those that surround you.

Alright, we have had a pretty intense conversation. Apparently realizing your dreams and the power behind your story only takes 809 words. Just kidding! This is only the beginning, we have given you the first steppingstone, and now it is time for you to venture out on your own and pave the path.

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