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  • Do you like having fun?
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If your answer is "Yes" to any of these questions, come join us! Together we are stronger!!
Nonprofits need funds more than ever in the current climate.

You Can Help in Any of the Following Ways


Become a Client!

We are available for hire!  When you hire us, you help us to fulfill our mission to offer our services to the nonprofit community for social good.

A portion of the profits will always go back to the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofits have our heart – it’s why we do what we do. We have programs built especially for nonprofit organizations.

So, no matter how you end up working with us, your fees will benefit the local community in a big way.

What could be better?

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Become a Sponsor

We strive to build the sustainability of 501c3 nonprofits by providing financial support and offering our services as no direct cost to qualifying beneficiaries. The biggest challenge facing nonprofits today is a shortfall in funding. Because the community depends on these vital organizations to provide critical services, we provide supportive capital to small and medium size nonprofits in need. We are only able to do this through the support of donations, event support and sponsors.

We have a three-tier event sponsorship package.

Please contact us for more details.

Become a Sponsor

Community Partners. Become a Partner

We are seeking creative ways to partner with individuals or organizations as an effort to generate revenue for our organization to enable us to fulfill our vision and mission.

A partner can be someone who allows us to utilize their facility at no cost in exchange of us marketing and promoting on their behalf.

A partner could also be an organization seeking to partner with us on an event where we both bring time, talent, resources and finances to the table and then split the proceeds of the event.

A partner could offer a product or service where they are willing to conduct an event to benefit Jamsz Konnections in exchange for the opportunity to promote their products or services to potential clients/customers.

Our partners do not hire us. This is a beneficial win-win relationship.

Become a Partner

Team FX

We don’t fall into our potential, we rise into it 

More than just your ordinary, competitive, for-profit marathon, half-marathon and 10K training group, TEAM FX is a “start-where-you-are”, progressive, social justice, “WHOLE COMMUNITY HEALTH” movement. We emerged from the Austin Film Community in 2005 as a means to engage more deeply with our craft, each other and the greater Austin community! We are now a diverse group of adventurous, socially conscious men & women from all facets of life and work, who partner with local business leaders to help end the cycle of life-threatening abuse, neglect & exploitation that happen to children in our own community. We do that by offering safe and extremely low-cost, “couch-to-race” training to achieve (at any pace) 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon distances, while generating awareness and raising funds for the SAFE Children’s Shelter. Our audacious vision: CREATING A WORLD WITHOUT CHILD ABUSE & NEGLECT! Since our debut, a total of 335 marathon and half-marathon medals have been awarded, we’ve raised over $474,000, and were awarded the 2016 Austin Marathon’s most prestigious award, “The David Doolittle Memorial Cup”, for excellence in community service. It’s a clear and proven WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone involved!

The Team FX Community

We are here as an example of the challenges and rewards that can be achieved when we liberate the highest potential of our minds, our bodies and our spirit. We are unified in our vision, our goals and our commitments. TEAM FX members are labeled only as HEROES and are treated as such, though we are EVERYTHING … fast and slow, strong and weak, rich and poor, professional and amateur, thin and obese, young and old, republican and democrat, black and white, gay and straight, male and female. We are all heroes bringing our uniqueness and highest potential together to become true neighbors, to benefit the well-being of ourselves and our community.

Visit us today for more information at or Contact us at 512-680-5584

The Inspiration Behind Team FX

In the fall of 2005, Gary Walker, the Founder, Executive Director and Head Coach, was inspired to create Team FX because of his desire to honor the memory of his sisters, each creating their own powerful legacy to care for children who are abused, neglected and exploited.

He assembled a small community of like-minded colleagues and business leaders from the local community to train together for a marathon and decided to boost the experience by running for a very personal cause. Now, 20 marathons later, he continues to bring community together to encourage us all to “Start where you are and rise into your potential with us”!

Learn more about the moving Team FX history at their website.

Are You A Nonprofit?

  • Are you looking to start a nonprofit or are you a new nonprofit?  We can help you with tips and tools to get you started on the right foot.
  • Are you a small to medium size nonprofit who is looking for support for events and fundraising but don't have the staff or resources?  Look at our "How To Become A Beneficiary" information below.
  • Are you an established nonprofit and looking to hire an event planning team for your events so that you can focus on other program development?  We can help and would love to speak with you 

Contact us for a FREE consultation to see how we can support and help you at any level of our nonprofit programs.

How to Become a Beneficiary

In order to qualify as a beneficiary for our programs you must meet the following requirements:

  1. 501c3 nonprofit
  2. Provide services that are aligned with our programs
  3. Small or medium size organization that don't have the bandwidth or resources for their fundraising goal
  4. Complete a beneficiary application
  5. Complete our introductory program
  6. Sign our Introductory Program Beneficiary Agreement
  7. Sign our Beneficiary Agreement (After successfully completing the Introductory Program and graduating to the Primary Beneficiary program)

Jamsz Konnections seeks to partner with 501c3 nonprofits who are aligned with our programs. In this partnership, we will provide the upfront capital and manage the events. The beneficiary will partner with us through fulfilling the introductory program and beneficiary agreements.

We seek to provide support to the nonprofit community through partnership and collaboration.

Together we raise funds for YOUR success. We are only successful through our partnership and combined efforts. 100% of the proceeds are awarded to beneficiaries who successfully complete the introductory program.

Become a BeneficiaryDonate to Help Our Mission

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